„Welcome to my vagina“


It ended interactively: People had the opportunity to make their own spoiled vaginas and eat them afterwards.
There was a camera installed for idividual selfportraits including the eatable vaginas. (Pictures coming soon!)

The goal was to get people thinking about the presence of sexuality and how it can be viewed differently.
This includes all aspects to be possible part ina discussion: Stereotypes, Feminism, Chauvinism, Ecofeminism, Exhibitionism, Sex, Happiness, Love and so on.
It might be a little too easy to put all of these words in one draw, but since they are all connected, it is at the same time impossible for me to tear them apart from each other.
The reactions where very interesting. From „very intimate, i must say“ to „come on guys, there is vaginas in here“, the harvest in comments was quite interesting and diverse.

Especially today: Draw Vaginas on the walls. Not because we want to shout out loud that we are narrow minded feminists, but open minded equalists. What is so vulgar about a vagina when penises are everywhere?



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